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The special exhibition of

“Antiques from the Private Collections”


On the occasion of 37th Anniversary of Liberation of the South Vietnam, reunification of the nation Day (30/4/1975 – 30/4/2012) and 3rd Foundation of Ho Chi Minh City Antiques Association celebration (2009 - 2012), Ho Chi Minh City Museum and Ho Chi Minh City Antiques Association combine to display the special exhibition “Antiques from the Private Collections”.

The special exhibitionAntiques from the Private Collectionsdisplays nearly 200 antiques including other materials such as stone, bronze, wood, ceramics, metal. This antiques are ancient cultural marks from prehistoric age at south and north Viet Nam areas (20002500 BP) to LyTranLeNguyen dynasties.

This special antiques are chosen from over 20 collections of collectorsHo Chi Minh City Antiques Association including: weapon, bronze tools belong Dong Son culture, Dong Nai culture; colour glaze ceramics as celadon glaze, cobalt blue and brown glazes,have had well-known in Viet Nam ceramics history; worshipping objects, jewelries belong Cham culture and Khmer culture in Viet Nam south; and other valuable antiques are come from Chine, Japan, Thailandin cultural exchange process.  

            This exhibition introduces a part of antiques quintessence which are kept in collections of Ho Chi Minh City Antiques Association members. Acknowledging the real contributions of individual and Antiques Association in preserving and promoting mission cultural heritage value in Ho Chi Minh area and region.   

          The exhibition of  “Antiques from the Private Collections” is open to the public from April 27th until December 28th 2012 at Ho Chi Minh City Museum.

Box, bronze

Date: Dong Nai culture, 2000 BP 



Limepot – bronze  18th century  Vase with two taps in shape, bronze
Date: Champa,  10 -11th Century 
Dish -  White blue glaze
Chu Dau ceramics,15th century



Statue of Nghe – wood cover paint 
17th century
Elephant shaped vase – celadon glaze
Thailand ceramics, 15th century



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