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Museum of Ho Chi Minh City


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Opening the special exhibition:
“Artifacts from the collections of Museum of Ho Chi Minh City”


On August 12, 1978, the Revolutionary Museum of Ho Chi Minh City was established under the Decision of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee. In 1999, it was renamed the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City. For the past 35 years (1978-2013), in its function as a local research Museum, it has been always interested in the research, collection, preservation and dissemination to the public. Especially, its research and collection which has focused on collecting many artifacts on the history of revolutionary struggle, the economy, the culture, the politics, the foreign affairs…achieved many good results.

The speical exhibition: “Artifacts from the collections of Museum of Ho Chi Minh City” to celebrate the 35-year anniversary of the founding of the Museum introduced over 300 typical artifacts, documents, pictures selected from 45,600 artifacts in 133 collections the Museum is keeping as archives, including 07 groups:

      -    Ho Chi Minh City Archaeology: introducing a number of typical artifacts excavated in Hoi Son Pagoda, in 2012.

      -   The seals of the feudal dynasties in the Southern land and SaigonHo Chi Minh City.

      -   The history of the revolutionary struggle of the army and people of SaigonHo Chi Minh City

      -   Traditional handicraft

      -    Culture and arts

      -    Customs, habits, beliefs

      -    Development – Integration

The exhibition introduced generally the artifacts on the history, the culture, the seals related to the formation and the development of the Southern land for over 300 years, especially those associated with the people of Saigon – Gia Dinh during the struggle for the national independence of the whole country, against the domination of French colonialism and American imperialism; the artifacts which revived the glorious period of the nation, showed the confidence of the officers and soldiers still moving forward in difficult time, always hoping for a brighter future, the unification of the country, the reunion of the North and the South in one home.

Besides, the documentation, the pictures and the artifacts also reflect the diversity in the cultural and spiritual life of the people of Saigon – Gia Dinh – Ho Chi Minh City, and at the same time show the constant development of the city in all aspects, always deserving of the title “Heroic Cityawarded by the Party and the State.

            The special exhibition opens from August 16, 2013 until July 2014.

            At: The Museum of Ho Chi Minh City, 65 Ly Tu Trong, District 1.




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