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Museum of Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh City 40 years of dev

Ho Chi Minh City 40 years of development and integration

1975 – 2015


In 2015, mixing in the atmosphere that the nation celebrates the 70th Anniversary of August Revolution and the 40th Anniversary of South Liberation and National Unification, in the afternoon of Sep. 28, 2015, Museum of Ho Chi Minh City opened Exhibition Room with the theme of “Ho Chi Minh City 40 Years of Development and Integration 1975 – 2015”. SaigonHo Chi Minh City is one of the economic, cultural and social centers of the whole nation, where many cultural flows in the area interfere. Over 300 years of formation and development, Ho Chi Minh City now has made many huge achievements which contribute to the career of national construction, development and protection. With more than 300 pictures and exhibits in the thematic exhibition room, Ho Chi Minh City would like to present its achievements in economic, political, sociocultural fields which Party Committee and people of Ho Chi Minh City has achieved in the course of 40 years of its development and integration.

Typical fields which contribute and promote the development of the whole nation were presented through the major themes such as:

-         Production Transformation – Economic Development

-         Foreign Relations Widening – Investment Attraction

-         Socio-culture

-         Public Health – Education and Training

-         Infrastructure

-         Sports and Tourism

 Museum of Ho Chi Minh City opened exhibition room with the theme of “Ho Chi Minh City 40 Years of  Development and Integration 1975 – 2015” to assert that Ho Chi Minh City has been having its contributions in all fields in the course of the nation’s development and this City deserves forever to be the City named of Uncle Ho and also deserves the title of Heroic City.

Updated on 12-10-2015
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