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Museum of Ho Chi Minh City


Specialized activity

Specialized activity: “National acoustics”


            In the summer of 2019 with the theme “My city – Green city”, the activities to serve pupils, students, and youth in the city continued to be deployed and organized by the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City with various forms and meanings. In particular, on August 6, 2019, the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City organized a meeting for specialized activity: "National acoustics" to introduce traditional musical instruments to serve over 200 students, teachers from The First Academy.

            Through the specialized activity, a large number of students had the opportunity to learn and experience reality with traditional musical instruments: the T’rưng, flute, lithophone, leaf trumpet, reed, drum… The meeting not only contributes to diversifying summer service activities in the city but also contributes to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage values of the nation.

Updated on 12-08-2019
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