Special exhibition

  • 20/12/2021 16:29
  • 471

Ancient art in cultural heritage of the Southern Vietnam

Sai Gon and Southern Vietnam in the process of reclaimation to open teritory has become where converging of diversified cultural flows due to multi-ethnic groups character of inhabitant community. The process of devoloping inhabitant, reclaimation, land opening was also process of cultures exchange and accepting among the Viet – Hoa – Khmer – Cham ethnic groups… In this cultural flow from beginning to early 20th century, folk art has taken important position in material and moral cultural life as customs, habits, beliefs, religions of southern inhabitant. Although, folk art takes rustic, simple features, it contains deeply cultural meanings and full expressive style so southern ancient art is respective feature in the flow of vietnam art. The special exhibition of “Ancient art in cultural heritage of Southern Vietnam” displayed about 200 objects of Ho Chi Minh city Museum, Ho Chi Minh city Fine Art museum, Museum of History – Ho Chi Minh city, Southern Women Museum  and Collectors. Special exhibition was displayed in chronological arrangement and by type of artifacts. It included: – The ancient art artifacts of Sai Gon – Gia Dinh region (60% of exhibits). –  The ancient art objects of other localities in the South (40% of exhibits). Objects:...